6 ways to bring your wedding cost down!

A Wedding is the most important occasion in an Indian’s life. Indians are very likely to marry only once. The celebration of love is nice but what takes precedence is the customs & rituals that are often forced on to the couple.

It is important that the couple decides how they want to get married. If you want a court wedding followed by a nice party, so be it. If you wish to do a princely wedding, bring it on. However, things go bad when you do things because things have to be done in a “certain way” type of conditions are set.

Assuming that you are getting married in the traditional way either due to family pressure or out of choice, here are 6 things you can do to bring down your wedding expenses.

  1. Follow customs but don’t be too religious. Therefore, marrying in an off-season date is a simple thing that can help you bring down your expenses, especially when you are talking to vendors that are dependent on wedding seasons like, venue, wedding planners, wedding photographers, etc.
  2. If you are hiring a wedding planner or a decorator, ask for the cost of the flowers and always source for easily accessible local flowers than the fancy orchids. Most exotic plants and flowers are not grown locally and you are actually paying for the flight/transportation cost and that makes it very expensive. Locally sourced Marigold (Genda phool) is a simple and very good way to bring in colours and these flowers don’t wilt easily.

    1New Business Card
    My business card is actually a photo,of a temple wedding, with genda phool (Marigold) as the only flower decor used very elegantly!
  3. When you talk to established or extremely reputable vendors, they often have reached a stage in their business life where it is like, “If not this client, the next”. There is very little chance for price negotiation. Always hunt for good artists & vendors by checking their profile and watch out for the ones trying to be the next big ones in the market. It is like hiring Nawazuddin instead of Anil Kapoor. Both are equally talented but the former will be more flexible.
  4. Do you like standing like a statue and smiling artificially for 4 hours? No, then avoid the reception altogether. A few guests are agreed, important and this is a better time to take some family and friend group photos. However, most often, you are greeting guests who were called to fulfill a societal obligation who come to mark their attendance by having a group photo clicked. What’s in it for you? You are bound to be tired and it is an absolute boring event. And the group photos that were shot for hours, will never be used anywhere.
  5. If you wish to host a reception, host a cocktail party type reception where there is no stage, which saves a lot of money. Just hire a hall or ball room and be a part of the guest count. You save quite a bit with the stage base decor which is now avoided and you also are roaming around and meeting guests . But do remember to call in just those that matter to you and not the entire “jantaa”.
  6. Hire wedding venues carefully, call just the closest people that matter to you in the wedding and the rest can be hired for the reception if you are having one. An old temple, a fairly large home are all excellent locations for a fancier wedding venue compared to the tried and tested “Kalyan Mantap or Convention Hall” locations, IF your wedding guest count is less than 100. For instance, there is a foot ball field size old temple in Bangalore CBD which charges Rs. 3k for a 2 hour wedding. And the best part, in a temple, the old rustic structures make a great background against the colourful Indian dress and that means, you save on the wedding decor too.This also saves on cost for wedding decor, artificial lighting cost, video lighting cost. All of which translates into savings and you still get great looking images and video.

One point that may be redundant across multiple tips above is calling in those that really matter. That alone is a big saving factor.

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